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Ground Times Performance Statistics

The turnaround time (TAT) of an aircraft is defined as the time that passes from when an aircraft lands until it takes off again for a new flight. During this period, the resources of the airline, the handler, and the airport are mobilized to get the aircraft set up in the shortest possible time.


i-Handler GT (Ground times) is a solution that help your company to monitor all different resources, times, activities and movements that need to be tracked every time your air carrier clients trust your company for handling services.


The optimization of the time between landing and take-off of the aircraft will determine not only the on time performance factor of the flight, but it will also determine cost effectiveness in the operation it self avoiding economical fines for the handler when turn around times are not under control. With i-Handler GT you can use any iOS smart device and turn it into the most reliable tool to help you optimize all actions involved in the ground handling of any aircraft.


This Application provides your company with a standard time control measuring device that can keep your operation traceable in all this areas: 


FOD prior arrival, before departure and after departure

Aircraft arrival

Disembarking of passengers

Cabin cleaning

Bags and cargo

Unloading and loading of bags

Bags delivered in terminal

Aircraft cleaning

Aircraft refueling


Passengers boarding

Aircraft departure

Bags count

Cargo count

Passengers movement

Wheel chairs count

Fuel gallons amount

GSE units / Services control

Staff and extra crew control


I-Handler GT main objective is to minimize the ground times of the aircraft as much as possible capturing the times of all the different events involved in the operation, and present them in a statistical format that will help you identify the areas, zones or movements that required improvement to minimize the ground times.

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