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Flight Planning


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Overflight and Landing Permits


Crew HOTAC Transportation


Fuel Services

Flight Planning


We can provide computer flight planning and dispatch services for your aircraft. Our own software is capable to determine all documentation you will need in every country you arrived, Weather reports, Airport capabilities, local authorities formats and communication contacts, FBO's, Ground Handlers, Fuel companies, Charters flight operators, Maintenance facilities, and many other information that you need prior landing on any airport in the world.

Our formats are specific for every country Civil Aviation Authority in compliant with their local requirements and by company procedures.

Our software has been designed and build by international flying pilots that knows all your needs regarding flight planning. 


We support your operation from pre-planing, during and at the end of the operation as well, we continuously monitor the flight movements or status and ensure to provide finest quality of services.



We carefully select our international network of agents and vendors.   Whether it is any of the various ramp services, red-carpet treatment for VIPs, immigration or visa support for private flights, ground medical services for MEDEVACS, or ground handling for cargo flights, Humanitarian evacuations, Deportees flight coordination, or Diplomatic operations we deliver with the highest levels of accuracy, cost-efficiency and speed.

Ground Handling Services:


  • Overflight and landing permits.

  • APIS filings and  UN/Edifact or .TXT format for international presentation.

  • Charter Permits when required.

  • Weather  / NOTAM reports.

  • Outbound and Inbound GENDEC.

  • ICAO Flight Plan.

  • NAVLOG's for every destination.

  • Airports fees and Information.

  • Local and International navigational fees.

  • Fuel Coordination.

  • Catering Services.

  • Immigration and Customs coordination.

Ground Handling

Our network of vendors can prepare a genuinely exceptional menu to serve on board your private jet, and based on their kitchen's culinary background and facilities allow us to offer you a unique range of high quality, tasty meals, small gourmet appetizers, breakfast specialities, delicious desserts, fresh fruit juices, select wines and champagne, which are all intended to make the time you spend traveling much more pleasant.


As a private aviation industry participant for many years, we are very well aware of our clients' demands for exclusive restaurant services.

After consulting with you, we shall carefully select suitable meals and print a special on-board menu. We shall deliver everything on time before the actual flight. This will be done in a professional manner in accordance with your expectations. Your business discussions or private conversations can then be accompanied by some fine, top-class food.





Permits are essential part of any flight from origin to destination, Obtaining international permits to comply with every country’s overflight and landing requirements can become an added burden in your international flight planning process. We offer our team always available to take care of your trip and can be able to arrange overfly and landing permits on short notice, our operation team will monitor your movement with the require information to provide safe journey, We have directly contacts with worldwide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) so that we would be able to arrange overfly and landing permits on short term notice period especially in Central America and The Caribbean countries.

Part 135 Charter Operations are subject to a different process of regulations and requirements that we will be very glad to assist obtaining the permits. 

With our years of experience and making sure that our flight support and dispatch platforms are up to date on the latest changes and regulations, you can relax in the knowledge that we will arrange all necessary clearances to ensure your flight conforms to the relevant local authority requirements.

Our service has been designed for pilots wishing to handle their own local airport paperwork accepted by the Civil Aviation Authorities and make payment of fees incurred but would like guidance and assistance with the overall planning of the trip. 

Crew Hotac



We understand that in order for an airline to provide excellent service to its customers as well as retain compliance with government regulations the crew must get adequate rest at the hotel, that ground transportation is on time, and that the crew gets to the aircraft safely.

We will provide you with hotels that meet your cost, location, and amenity requirements as outlined by your rest and safety regulations.

We can assist with bidding and arranging ground transport for crew members to and from the airport/hotel and also to airports/hotels within the same region. We would make arrangements with hotel shuttles or independent transportation vendors (whichever best met the need and budget requirements) for the properly sized vehicle to safely accommodate not only the crew, but also their luggage.

We have a permanent commitment to our clients that consists of satisfying their needs optimally. For this reason, our network of vendors will offer quality products and services that respect the environment and are supplied quickly, efficiently and safely.

Our challenge is to implement the culture of innovation throughout the company, establishing standard worldwide processes that generate great service with quality for our clients.

Fuel is arranged directly with suppliers and added to your final invoice with local taxes included.



Fuel Service
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