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Baggage Handling System

Last June, in 2018 the IATA members resolved that all their aerial operations shall maintain an accurate inventory of baggage by monitoring the acquisition and delivery of baggage, and they created the RESOLUTION 753: BAGGAGE TRACKING.

The main purpose for this resolution is to keep accurate baggage inventories to prevent and reduce mishandling by determining custody of every bag during different phases of baggage chain, increase passenger satisfaction, as mishandling is reduced. Reduce the possibility of baggage fraud by closing the baggage journey, enable exceptions to be detected where baggage is delivered to a party but not processed further. Speed up reconciliation and flight readiness for departing flights and to provide evidence to an automatic interline proration process. 

Our Baggage Handling System Application is capable of:

-  Demonstrate Delivery of baggage when custody changes; 

-  Demonstrate acquisition of baggage when custody changes; 

-  Provide an inventory of bags upon departure of a flight. 

-  Capable of exchanging these events with other airlines as needed.

Our Baggage Handling System Application BHS can keep track of all the bags in all the custody changes like: 


Delivery of the bag from the passenger (delivery is by the Passenger, acquisition is by the Check-In counter at Airport facility, such as a Drop off belt, the passenger, etc.) 


Delivery of the Bag after the Airport X-ray scanning facilities, and the location control in carts or containers where the bag has been loaded prior of delivery to Aircraft.



Delivery of the bag to the Handler from the Aircraft, (acquisition is by the arrival belt from the handler connected to the aircraft)



Delivery of the bag to the aircraft (delivery is by the handler, acquisition is by the flight)



Delivery of the bag to the passenger (delivery is by the handler, acquisition is by the arrivals facility, such as an arrivals belt, the passenger’s home, etc.) 

BHS App from i-Handler becomes an extraordinary tool for Airlines, handlers or Airport security companies that need to comply with IATA Resolution 753, or need to keep a cost effective, modern, fast and multiple zones baggage tracking.

Every different process in the baggage movement can be monitored and scanned by any member of the team without the need of any expensive barcode portable unit, because BHS App will transform any iOS smart device into your personal Baggage Terminal.

We increase the productivity of your iOS smart device by eliminating the need of airline software and specific barcode reader hardware, integrating them in the most reliable and unique application for this industry. 

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